Rain, Rain, go away. Wait, we NEED you!

Weather forecasters are predicting a very wet Winter this year, maybe continuing into the Spring. To keep yourself and others safe in the rain

Weather forecasters are predicting a very wet Winter this year, maybe continuing into the Spring. To keep yourself and others safe in the rain, here are 10 pro tips to follow: SLOW DOWN! The Basic Speed Law says you can't drive faster than "it is safe" for the current conditions. You can't see as far ahead in the spray; reduce your speed about 20% (5-10 mph on city streets; 10-15 mph on the freeway) LEAVE MORE SPACE IN FRONT OF YOU! On a slick surface, it takes longer to stop. We teach a 3 second following distance for good conditions; change to 4 seconds if wet only and 5 seconds if wet and visibility is poor. USE YOUR HEADLIGHTS. The Vehicle Code requires lights on whenever you need to use your wipers (so other drivers can see you). CHECK YOUR TIRE TREAD. Worn tires have shallow tread grooves, and there's nowhere for water to go in a puddle except under the complete tire. Hydroplaning can mean loss of control. LOOK FURTHER AHEAD. Get your information as far ahead as you can see. Look for brake light reflections on the pavement, look THROUGH the windows of the car(s) ahead. Then you'll be able to react sooner BE GENTLE with your steering and braking to smooth out your car's reactions when it's wet. USE YOUR DEFROSTER to keep the inside of your windshield clear. LEAVE MORE TIME to get where you're going, so you aren't rushed and can drive safer. DON'T USE CRUISE CONTROL because the car will try to maintain speed, even when it's not safe or the drive tires have lost traction. BE EXTRA COURTEOUS to other drivers. They may not know these important tips!


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